four stay at home outfits

May 17, 2020

COVID19 is still lingering and there's really no end in sight.  i assume it'll become something like the seasonal flu in the coming years.  it'll always be around and we just have to learn to live with it, vaccine or not.  i think being cautious while we're out is simply the new normal.  wearing masks, constantly hand santizing when soap and water are unavailable.  honestly, i'm glad.  i mean, i tried my best to be cautious, you know, pre-COVID19.  i would do things like using a napkin to hold salt shakers, or close a public sink faucet and bathroom door with a piece of paper towel (or my sleeve).  i would walk away from people who sneezed or coughed (and if i'm being completely honest, i hold my breath until i'm far enough away to breathe again).  

i haven't been out other than a few grocery store runs or the occasional ride to pick up take out and three or four family car rides, where we don't even get out of the car.  we just drive around going to our favorite spots just too see what they look like.  see other people there, wearing masks (or not wearing masks).  standing away from each other (or standing to close together).  and if i'm being honest, just wondering when i'll feel brave enough to join them.

in the mean time, i'm loving this new season of life.  spending more time indoors with my family, with no pressure to have to rush out.  watching new movies, old movies, binging tv series, eating comfort food, building forts in the living room, creating content and spending together but apart time.    

here are some looks that i'm wearing while i've been spending more time at home.  i've never been just a baggy tee and sweats kind of girl.  i always put in effort into what i'm wearing, whether it's going out, weekend looks, work clothes and now home clothes.  oh and go enjoy this little TikTok i made that took waaaaaayyyyy tooooo long to create ;)
||  tank top  ||  sweat pants  ||
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||  oversized tee  ||  biker shorts ||
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||  tank top  ||  biker shorts  || sweater  ||
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||  backless top  ||  sweat pants  ||
c/o use code Q3ohshe for 15% off 

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