these are the moments

June 08, 2022

these are the moments, the ones that matter the most.  the ones that at the time don't seem like much but they're the ones that i love documenting.  these mundane, simple moments with my family of three are the ones i cherish and one day will look back on call the good ol' days.  romanticizing moments like this is what i live for.

what the pictures (and video) don't show you is that i was fighting a head cold.  i could barely breathe out of my nose.  my head was killing me.  my body felt weak.  after sleeping for 14 hours straight, my body craved fresh air and sunshine.  i asked junior if we could go to the park and bring indi with us.  and as always, he obliged.  all i wanted to do was to lay down, in the grass, with the sun beaming on my face.  and i did exactly that.  we brought indi's new frisbee, which he loves playing catch with.  junior taught him how to return the frisbee which makes playing with him so much easier.  i also brought a deck of cards and we tried learning a new card game.  it was a simple day, but one i'll look back on and cherish for days and days to come.
shop my outfit (or similar) below.  my earrings are from a small latina owned small business called formas.  indi's frisbee is by kong from amazon which we love.  

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