oh, christmas tree

November 30, 2015

we put up our tree this weekend.  it's a tradition in our home to decorate for christmas the friday after thanksgiving.  we have been doing it ever since junior moved here from puerto rico and i love that we have kept this little tradition.  putting up the tree usually means there's a christmas movie playing and we drink coquito while we decorate the tree.  but in reality, a certain someone bought the movie interstellar for $4 on black friday and wanted to watch that instead.  and a certain local grocery store does not carry the coconut cream we needed to make coquito, so a mudslide it was ;)  hey, you win some, you lose some!!  at least we were able to put up our baby tree as planned.

another little tradition i started a few years ago is buying each of us a new ornament every year.  this year i bought a bucket of popcorn for junior since he loves movies (and he always has to have popcorn when we go to the movies) and i bought myself a vintage typewriter.  i love looking at all of our novelty ornaments and thinking back to the year we got them.  last year junior got a slice of pizza and i got a donut.  the year before last, junior got a gaming controller and i got a camera :) 

hope you all had a lovely weekend.  i can't believe the holidays are here!  i'm looking forward to all the christmas parties, coquito and delicious treats this season has to offer!!

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. Another lovely play on light. My favorite photo in this post is the last one where you have the Christmas lights on you!

    Julie | http://www.xfallenmoon.com/

    1. Thank you again for the kind words! Christmas lights are so fun to play with ;)


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