montreal style diary vol. 1

November 11, 2016

junior and i went to montreal to celebrate our three year wedding anniversary.  we stayed at the loft hotel in downtown montreal and our room was spectacular!  i wish that hotel was close to home because i would honestly have staycations there every month!  what a gorgeous and spacious hotel.  we had an 800 square foot loft.

i am sad to say that we lost one of our camera chips, which the hotel staff couldn't find.  so we lost some great pictures of the gorgeous sun light beaming into our room (and a few outfit pictures).  womp womp.  not much we can do but move on and be more careful next time.  first time it's happened to us and hopefully the last!!

i wore this outfit on our last day in montreal and to travel back home.  i originally packed this outfit just for the morning of our last day and was going to change before lunch but i was so comfortable (and junior really loved the outfit) so i didn't change!!  on our last day, we grabbed lunch near our hotel at cinko.  it was the place to be on saturday night and i read great reviews so we just had to check it out before we left.  we actually weren't that impressed with the food, but that sweet potato poutine was on point!!  i do recommend that ;)

after lunch, we drove into old montreal to walk around a bit and have some coffee and crepes at chez suzette.  my best friend katie recommended that we visit there for crepes and she was right!  out of this world delicious!!  i used to make crepes at home and junior was convinced he just didn't like them.  i think because i made them for breakfast and he likes them for dessert.  i told him i was going to start making crepes again.  hopefully i can make them as good as the ones we had in montreal!

||  overall dress c/o romwe  ||  off the shoulder top  ||  choker  ||  boots (similar)  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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  1. i love overalls but i have never seen one like this, super cute!

    1. thank you!! it was definitely a different look for me ;)

  2. Omg! Slayyyy!!! Love the outfit!!! The overalls are super cute! Love!


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