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November 18, 2016

hello, loves!

i'm here with the last of the montreal pictures but not my video, womp, womp!  i will get it up for you guys, don't worry ;)

we visited a bunch of different places which i totally recommend!  we went to the biodome which reminded me of a zoo/aquarium but it had four different environments (and temperatures).  essentially, a summer, fall, winter and spring.  we loved walking through the different climates and seeing all the animals that lived in each environment.

then we went to old montreal and paid a visit to the norte dame basilica which is this huge cathedral.  it was stunning!  we spent a lot of time in there looking around and taking a bunch of pictures.  so, so beautiful!

we drove over to the top of mount royal to see views of all of montreal (you'll see clips of that in my vlog).  that was after i incorrectly directed us to the center of the town of mount royal, and not the top of the mountain.  ha!  the town was beautiful too ;)

we also went to see habitat 67 which is this really amazing luxury housing complex.  the architecture is just stunning!!  super modern.  if i ever move to montreal, it would only be when i can afford to live in one of those units!

then we went to underground city which is this huge shopping mall with offices, stores, hotels, performing arts center, and much more!  we didn't walk not even a small portion of it because we were so exhausted and hungry.  we actually stopped at mcdonald's and decided to try "american" food in canada.  and of course, we had to get some poutine, ha!  it was actually really good at mcdonalds!!!

hope you enjoyed all my pictures from montreal.  hopefully i'll get my vlog up for you guys soon ;)

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photographs by blissfulkaos.

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