denim on the boardwalk

April 19, 2017

a few weekends ago, junior and i went back to coney island.  it was a gorgeous sunday with warm weather so we figured, why not!

funny story.  so we drove all the way out to coney island (which is a like hour and a half ride for us without traffic), unpacked our car with junior's camera equipment and my change of clothes (hello, blogger here!  of course i'm going to shoot different looks while on the beach), walked all the way the the perfect spot to shoot our first look and junior realized he left every single camera chip he owns on the dinning table back home.  womp womp womp!

depending on my mood, i can be very chill about these types of situations or be a total bitch LOL!!  lucky for junior, i was so totally chill.  i pulled my phone out real quick and said "they sell camera chips at pharmacies.  let me find the closest one and we can walk to it".

and that's what we did!  we walked over to the nearest cvs, bought a camera chip, and then ventured around coney island.  junior was a bit annoyed with himself and did thank me for being so cool about the situation ;)  needless to say, when we got back home, we were beyond exhausted!!

here are a few other denim pieces that i'm loving for this spring season :)

ripped jacket here and utility jacket here
tie up dress here and bodycon dress here
overalls here and skirt here
||  dress  ||  espadrilles  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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