lovely park in north jersey

April 25, 2017

this past sunday junior and i visited a new park i found online.  it's something that we do often...find a location online (usually through instagram but sometimes through pinterest as well) and just hop in the car and go there.  a lot of the times, the places we go look nothing like the images we see online.  sometimes we are pleasantly surprised and they look even better.  sometimes we're like what the heck?!  and just continue on with our lives ;)

i was scrolling through my instagram feed and saw a picture of a super cute park and lucky for me it was geo-tagged.  side note...thank you to all you instagrammers that actually take the time to geo-tag your images!  i try to be as specific as possible when i'm geotagging my images because i want to share all the beautiful locations i visit with all my followers.  so i appreciate it so much when accounts that i follow do the same!

i saw that the park (frelinhuysen arboretum park in morris township) was only 30 minutes from where we live so we jumped in the car and headed off...with camera in hand, of course ;)  and luckily enough, the park was just as beautiful as it was in the photograph that i saw on instagram!  the tulips are in season right now and were so beautiful!!  there's also a cute little cafe called matilda's cafe on the premises which i would love to go back and eat at.

how do you guys find new places around you to visit?  i like to follow local community accounts such as @scenicnewjersey and @njspots on instagram.  i also search things like "local spots in ___ (town)" on pinterest and save them to my travel board.

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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