grl power

August 30, 2017

i'm all about grl power!  i recently joined a networking group with all women influencers supporting other women influencers and women girl bosses and i am living for it!  i had no idea there were so many networking communities of like minded women just trying to support one another.  i mean, i guess i assumed there were but i never went out looking for them.  and now that i'm part of it, i feel so inspired and empowered daily!  it's amazing!!  it's so beautiful to connect with so many like minded females!

with so much hate going on in this world and so much negativity, it's so beautiful to see people coming together to support one another!  it's amazing for everyone to be positive and supportive, but let's be real, grl power is the best power!  ;)

||  tshirt c/o shein  ||  skirt (similar) ||  booties (similar)  ||  choker (similar) ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. I absolutely adore that tee!! I went to an all women's college and always encourage my female students to attend, too, so I am all about the girl power!!

  2. You're so gorgeous! I've fallen in love with these booties. So pretty!

  3. I love this! Women supporting women is the path to us all achieving our dreams and goals.

  4. Loved this top as soon as I saw it on your insta!

  5. Love love love this tee! Super simple but super cute!

  6. I love your style so much! I've totally been thinking of buying a girl power shirt too! I just love when women get together to support and encourage each other. That's really the best kind of power; the kind that reaches out to strengthen others.


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