GRWM: "no makeup" makeup look

March 23, 2018

i've been talking about sharing more videos on this space and my youtube channel for a while now and finally, here i am with a new video!  i sat down and filmed my self getting ready earlier this week.  some people like these types of videos, so here we go!

i realized a lot about myself while watching back the footage.  it was so actually so funny to watch!  umm, i am so scatter brained and awkward!  LOL!  although, i already kind of knew that about myself ;)  hopefully as i do more videos, i'll get more comfortable on camera.  

anyway, if you'd like to see, here is a get ready with me, "no makeup" makeup look where you can see exactly what i do to get ready and answer some super random questions i found online.

all products used in the video listed below:
||  toner  ||  face spray  ||  moisturizer  ||  primer  ||  concealer  ||  foundation  ||  setting powder  ||  brow pomade  ||  brow gel  ||  mascara  ||  bronzer  ||  liquid highlight  ||  powder highlight (similar) ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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