the venice canals

March 26, 2018

on our recent trip to the west coast, we spent an evening in venice, california and made our way over to the venice canals.  wow is really all the words i have for the venice canals!  i was truly left in awe at all the houses along side of the water and how beautiful the water and sky looked as the sun was setting.  a lot of the houses i would consider dream homes, as there were so many beautiful homes lining the canals. all different styles of homes, too...from contemporary to more victorian looking.  just an array of beautiful architecture! 

i didn't know much about the canals before we went so i was sure to do a little research after we left.  the canals were created by abbot kinney to be the "venice of america" back in 1905.  he wanted to make southern california look and feel like venice, italy.  something i thought was super interesting was that there were so many more canals when it was initially created but by 1929, many of the canals were filled to create roads.  

i can go on and on with this history lesson, but i'll spare you.  i'm just really glad there still are some canals around for us all to enjoy ;)

also of note, but not photographed is the amazing pizza we had in venice!  we went to abbot's pizza company (which happens to be on abbot kinney boulevard...interesting to know the history of a city, right?!) and if you're a lover of pizza like we are, i highly recommend ;)  there are minimal seats in the actual pizzeria so plan to sit on the counter against the wall or take your food to go.  they're known for their salad pizza but have so many different options to try!

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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