all laughs at crash boat beach

July 17, 2018

hi guys.  i'm sharing some more images from puerto rico!  i'm almost done... i have one more set that i'll make sure to get posted this week.  although, truth be told, i love reliving our travels through blogging ;)

our time at crash boat beach was super short.  we had already been to a different beach that day (we like beach hopping) and we were starving.  it was a long, adventurous day but such a great day!  we had seen images of crash boat beach online and wanted to check it out.  of course, like it always happens to me, the beach itself was nicer in the images than we had anticipated ;)  i don't know if it's because we're so used to going places that are more "off the beaten path" so we usually have entire locations to ourselves and the beach this day was super packed.  or maybe it was because it was super cloudy over on this side of the island and we were tired and hangry.  either way, we walked all the way to the end of the pier, snapped a few photos and then went on our way.  

funny little side note (that i had already shared on instagram)...even though it was super overcast, i had a hard time keeping my eyes open to take pictures.  my eyes are naturally very sensitive to light, where junior's constantly reminding me to relax my face.  well, for some reason i just couldn't do it!  we were trying to hurry up with the pictures and i noticed junior getting annoyed with me so i just started cracking up!  i love having this little memory archived here ;)
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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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