fuck, i love you

July 12, 2018

the other day junior was super busy all day at work and added a bunch of other things to his plate.  he was in a very testy mood and was very snippy with me.  i knew there had to be something else going on, since i knew i didn't do anything wrong.  instead of saying anything to him or getting mad at him for being nasty to me, i decided to make his favorite meal for dinner.

we had our friend coming over and while we were eating she was like "oh wow, you cooked this because i was coming over?".  and i thought about it and i answered honestly.  i told her that junior was in a mood and was nasty to me so i wanted to make him his favorite dish to make him feel better.  i knew his attitude towards me wasn't personal.  and while i did explain to him that he needs to take that shit somewhere else, i still wanted to make him feel better.  

and at the time, i didn't think anything of it.  but she was so impressed omg wow guys! and that's when it hit me.  who am i and when did i get so mature?!  ha!!!  

i wanted to archive that little memory in this space forever...in case i forget the next time he's nasty to me for no reason.  and to sort of journal our progress in this journey we call marriage.  it hasn't always been good.  and it's super, super (super, super) hard but i'm taking this opportunity to pat myself on the back because it's ok to celebrate the little things in life ;)

fuck, i love you dude

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