investing in my wardrobe the right way

October 17, 2018

i am typically a bargain shopper.  i love shopping at online retailers and what i call "cheapy" stores for statement pieces that i'll only wear a handful of times.  you know, those stores that you can get a gorgeous top for one outing and then never wear that top again.  you guys know exactly what i'm talking about.  

but what about those items that you're going to wear repeatedly?  the ones that can make or break your outfit.  like a cheaply made jacket.  true story... i had this cheap black "pea" coat.  it probably cost me like $15 and i wore it constantly.  daily.  i went to a wedding with my dad and my sister and it got a little cold during the outdoor ceremony, so i ran to the car to grab my cheap pea coat.  my dad looked at me and was like "that coat looks awful!".  and he was right!  it was coming apart, and looked so old!

ever since then, i believe in investing in specific pieces that i want to last me a while and that i know i'm going to be wearing repeatedly.  things like daily purses, jackets, coats and shoes.  

i walked into anthropologie a few weeks ago and saw the mannequin wearing this jacket.  i fell in love with it instantly, debated about getting it because it was more than i would usually spend but knew needed to own it.  it was one of those items that i knew would be a staple in my fall wardrobe and one that would never go out of style, so i convinced myself to get it.  and i'm glad i did!

i love investing in pieces that i know will serve me for years to come!!  what items do you like investing in? 

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