5 ways to wear: braids

October 24, 2018

i'm rolling out this new series on the blog where i show you how to wear things five different ways.  first up is five ways to wear braids.  i love rocking braids but never take the time to actually do them.   most mornings that i have second day old hair and do decide to do a braid, i end up messing it up and just throwing my hair in a bun or pony tail.  so in an effort to inspire myself and hopefully inspire at least one of you, i came up with five different ways to wear a braid.

1. dutch braid pigtails
lately, i've been doing my hair like this to sleep so that i can give my hair a break from the heat from my blowdryer.  to actually wear this hair style, i like to pull the braid apart so it looks thicker.  it's super simple, although my arms get so tired when i'm doing these kinds of braids!  you can find a tutorial for this hair style here.
2. braid with top knot
i love this style because instead of just a simple half hair up, top knot, i added a mini braid to spice it up.  this is kind of like an unexpected, pick a boo braid.  a twist to a classic hairstyle.  you can find a tutorial for this hairstyle here.
3. braided ponytail
ok, i think this is even easier than the top knot hairstyle!  more times than not, i rock a simple pony tail because my hair gets oily so fast.  i just don't have the time to blow dry it or style it curly every single day so to give my hair a break, i'll just throw it up.  instead of just doing a simple ponytail, wrap a chunk of hair around the elastic and add a braid to it!  super simple and super chic!
4. milkmaid braids
i added extensions to my hair so that the braid can each the other side of my head!  this style is actually another really quick hairstyle!  all i did was part my hair in two, braid each section and then cross the left braid to the right side, bobby pin it down and then do the same for the right side.  take out some hair to frame your face and viola!  find a tutorial for milkmaid braids here.
5. side braid
this is the most involed hairstyle out of the five and my favorite.  i used to wear this hair style often and haven't worn it in several years!  the most difficult part is probably installing the exentions in a way where the won't be seen.  i won't even try to explain how i did this braid!  i'll let the queen of braids show you how it's done!  

which style was your favorite?  the side braid or the top knot are tied for me!! i hope you guys enjoyed this post and like this new series!  i'm already planning my next five ways to wear post!  

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