keto friendly lazy day breakfast

March 09, 2020

get ready to have your mind blown at how easy, delicious and in my opinion, healthy this breakfast is.  ready....

1. put some bacon in the oven.  i bake mine at 400 for about 10 minutes.  done.
2. boil some eggs.  literally the easiest way to make eggs.
3. cut up some avocado and smash it on a rice cake and top with whatever the heck you want.  this is the "hardest" part of breakfast.  i topped mine with everything but the bagel seasoning and lemon.  bam.  done.
4. slice up some cheddar cheese or bonus points if you have pre-sliced cheese because then it's even easier.
5. put it all on a plate.  done and done.

no slaving over a stove. no extra prep work. this is my go-to breakfast to make on lazy weekends and honestly our favorite breakfast to have. also, it's keto friendly (low carb) which is how we eat 80% of the time ;)

buen provecho!

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