my latest looks: vol. 4

March 17, 2020

this post is dedicated to all of my latest looks over on instagram.  catch volumes 1 through 3 here.   

there is currently a pandemic happening.  i know you're all aware but in 10 years when i look back to this post, i'd like to remember what was going on.  so i felt like i needed to at least mention it.  i don't mean to encourage online shopping by sharing links to what i'm wearing.  none of us currently know what tomorrow is going to hold so i don't want to encourage unnecessary spending at all.  but in the off chance that everything blows over quickly and you wanted to buy something i was recently wearing, you can come back here and shop it.  in the mean time, i do want to provide you some outfit inspiration to archive.  maybe you'll look back on this post at another time or maybe you want some inspo to get out of your pjs for the day.  a lot of us are going to be home for a while.  usually when people are home, they don't get dressed up and ready for the day, which i think affects our mental wellbeing.  i want to take this time to encourage all of you to continue getting dressed for the day and doing the things that make you happy all while social distancing.

||  top c/o shein  ||  jeans  ||  belt  ||  shoes  ||
use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
||  hoodie c/o shein  ||  jeans  ||  coat  ||  shoes  ||
use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
||  top  c/o shein  ||  pants  ||  shoes  ||  earrings  ||
use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
||  tshirt c/o shein  ||  jeans c/o shein  ||  belt  ||  jacket  ||  shoes  ||
use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
||  pants c/o shein  ||  top  ||  belt  ||  shoes  ||  earrings  ||
use code Q3ohshe for 15% off

please be smart and stay safe.

disclosure: some of the links in this post are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, i will earn a commission if you click through and/or make a purchase.  thank you for supporting me!

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photographs by blissfulkaos

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