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March 12, 2022

let's keep it real, a huge majority of my wardrobe consists of gifted items from shein.  and hear me out, i'm fully aware of the arguments a lot of people have against the company and other fast fashion brands out there. and while i do agree with a lot of them, at the same time, if i'm keeping it real, i promote them because i do actually shop from them (even using my own discount code for basics and trendy/statement pieces) and they send me free clothes.  

i think there's a place for fast fashion brands.  for one, they do allow fashion and style to be accessible to people who otherwise couldn't afford it.  they are also more size inclusive than a lot of other brands.  but at the same time, i do believe we need to be intentional with our shopping.  in my own personal wardrobe, i like to balance things out with a mix of trendy and statement pieces with basics, some designer, vintage and second hand pieces, too.  (the bag in this post is a vintage a hand me down).  if i'm looking for something that's inexpensive and i'm not expecting it to last me a long time, i'll check the most affordable options available to me.  and sometimes that means fast fashion.  
i've found some great dupes or decent quality items for way less than i would have spent otherwise. currently, i'm loving that faux leather pants are so in style right now.  i remember it being y2k and ringing in the new millennium in a pair of black pleather pants.  that's what we called them back then, pleather pants.  it was such a moment! and how fun to be able to play around with the 2000's pleather trend with my 32 year old style.  
but the thing is, i just don't see myself wearing them often enough in my day to day life to justify spending $148 to buy this pair from aritizia or even $80 for this pair from abercrombie.  both of those styles are all over my instagram!  we are balling on a budget over here, so unless it makes absolute sense for me to invest in a piece, i'm going to look for the next best, more affordable option.   this $21 dupe on shein is a great dupe i found to be able to enjoy this nostalgic style moment without spending so much.  and while i am grateful that i was gifted this pair, this is a pair that i would have bought for myself regardless, (using my own discount code spring1232 for 15% off, of course!). 
so what's your stance on fast fashion?  do you avoid like the plague?  do you strictly only shop fast fashion?  or are you like me, somewhere in the middle?  and before i end this post, can we have a moment for these sunnies?!  this color is totally my vibe for the season. these were gifted to me by my internet friend, avry who is the female boss babe behind the online vintage store the nxc vintage shop and her collaboration with apercu eyewear.  they'll officially launch on march 18th but you can preorder them now for 15% off.  the collection has many different colors, as avry is the absolute queen of color.  congratulations on a beautiful collaboration!
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