cherry blossoms

April 18, 2016

we finally had the opportunity to visit branch brook park in essex county this season to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom.  i will be honest though, we almost missed it entirely because a lot of the trees were already bare.  we happen to be experts at going places out of season (like when we went to the sunflower farm).  but we were able for find a small section with a few trees still in bloom.

we went around 6 pm so the lighting was just perfect.  golden hour truly is the best hour.  oh!  and the park smelled so lovely!!  i can only imagine how it would have smelled with all of the trees completely full.  ugh, all the heart eyes!!  i love that we're finding all these magical places in our own backyard.  i guess they do call new jersey the garden state for a reason ;)  i am dying to get to see the cherry blossoms in washington dc, though!  maybe next year.  i also hear central park has some gorgeous, picturesque spots as well.

if you happen to be in northern new jersey around this time of year, i do highly suggest checking out the cherry blossoms.  and if you have the opportunity to go within the next few days while there are some still in bloom, go!!  it truly is a sight to see!!

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photographs by blissfulkaos

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  1. loveeeee!! cherry blossoms are sooo pretty! and i love when bakery's incorporate them into cakes and things like that!

    1. thank you!! oh, me too!! they're so beautiful <3


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