inspired vol 4: surprise braid

April 14, 2016

i'm the type of girl who doesn't like to wash my hair too often.  i use the excuse that my hair is bleached blonde and the more i wash it, the faster the toner washes out.  and also, since my hair is bleached, it's super dry and damaged so i like to leave my natural oils on my hair.  but if i'm really being honest with you, it's just because i'm lazy and hate blow drying my hair after i wash it.  even when my hair was it's natural color (yes, the color of my overgrown roots), i still only washed it once a week ;)

so anyway, back to my point!  since i only like to wash my hair once a week (or sometimes once every 5 days), i need to get creative with my hair styles.  days one, two, three and sometimes even four, i can get away with wearing my hair down.  dry shampoo and a root plumper are my best friends!  but for days those last few days, i have to get creative!  

i usually just throw my hair up in a low ponytail or bun during the week but that gets so boring after awhile.  so last week, i decided to wear a high bun with a surprise braid in the back.  i've seen this hairstyle all over pinterest the past few years and have never tried it.  it looks super intimidating but it's actually so super simple!  (click here for full tutorial).

do you have any go to hairstyles for those "dirty" hair days?  please share!

||  top  ||  jeans  ||  shoes  ||  sunnies  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos

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  1. i love doin buns when my hair is in need of some shampoo! i would love to see a post about your blonde hair essentials like toners, shampoo, conditioners etc. -mai

    1. I'll definitely do a hair care post for you!! Thank you for the suggestion <3


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