impractical jokers in brooklyn

April 07, 2016

we went to see the cast of impractical jokers in brooklyn last week.  i signed up to receive emails from this site called goldstar.  goldstar is like a groupon-type site that offers discounts for specific shows, games, restaurants, things to do.  i had never used it before but constantly receive their emails highlighting the new deals they offer each week.  a few weeks ago, i received an email and it read "impractical jokers..." and i had to open to read more.  was this the same group of four guys that we watch on tv at home?  it was!  and they are going to be preforming stand up in brooklyn?  they were!

i immediately called junior and asked him if he wanted to seem them live and of course he said yes.  i clicked on the link in my inbox and i ordered the tickets on the site.  then i researched the venue (the hall at mp in brooklyn) and checked out the price of the tickets if i had bought them through ticketmaster or directly through the venue.  i saved us about $30.00 by purchasing them through goldstar!

needless to say, we had the best time ever.  the tickets were "will call" so i just had to show my id at the front and they let us in.  there was no assigned seating at this particular venue so we wanted to get there early to get good seats.  we got there about 30 minutes before the doors opened and apparently a lot of other people had the same idea because we had to wait on line.  once we were in, we were seated and got such great seats (third row from the stage).  we ordered some appetizers (that fried calamari was delicious!!) and drinks and waited for the show to start.

as expected, we laughed our asses off the entire show!  best time ever.  those guys are just awesome.  if you ever have a chance to see them live, i highly recommend it!!  oh, and if you want to sign up for alerts when there are deals on fun things to do around you, click here and sign up!  no, i'm not getting paid to say that and i don't receive any benefit from you signing up.  i just truly like saving money and thought maybe you would too ;)

sweater by freepeople
booties (totally a knock of these)

photographs by blissfulkaos via iphone 6 edited with a color story app.

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