happy birthday, sister

June 11, 2016

today is my sister's birthday!!  she has no social media but lucky for me she reads my blog ;)  so i know she'll read this!!

happy, happy birthday to you, my gorgeous sister!

here's a bunch of things that i want to thank you for because you are a rock star and i'm super grateful to have you as my own!  i'm not sure if i ever say thank you enough, so here ya go...

thank you for coming over just to watch me clean because you know i get motivated to clean my apartment when you're around.

thank you for listening to me complain constantly about not knowing what to wear for any occasion even though you say i have too many clothes!

thank you for always stealing my clothes and giving me inspiration on new ways to wear my outfits.  it helps in those situations when i don't know what to wear.

thank you for accepting junior as your brother.  i know he isn't the easiest ;)

thank you for always apartment sitting for junior and me when we go on our adventures!  i seriously could never find a better house sitter. to always come home to a clean apartment and a freshly washed and vacuumed car?  best.  sister.  ever!

thank you for introducing junior and me to the best pizza place in town when we moved in!  cedar grill is the bomb diggity!!  i think they thank you as well, given that we order from them at least once a week.

thank you for trying to motivate me to work out.  and for allowing me to be a grump in the mornings back when i did work out with you!  how can you stand me? ;)

thank you for letting me vent to you about my life happenings and giving me all that great big sister advice!

thank you for being the "big sister" because i will forever and always be younger.  and i know in a few years when i actually realize that i'm getting older, i won't feel so bad ;)

and thank you a million times for allowing me to yell at you and be a total bitch to you while prepping for my engagement party almost three years ago.  that literally will go down as your most badass sister moment!  ever!  and i really can't thank you enough for that ;)

i love you way too much my sissie poo and i can't wait to celebrate with you!!

||  dress  ||  booties  ||  necklace (similar)  ||  sister's dress  ||  sister's necklace ||

photographs from our sister shoot back in 2014 with denisse benitez.  

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