June 24, 2016

hello, hello!

i am here to inform you that this is my last post with blonde hair!  what, what!!  i know, i'm just as shocked as you are ;)

i love love loved having my blonde and i will most likely go back blonde sometime in the future.  i'm glad i was able to put up my hair care routine for you in case you were wondering about my tips and tricks on being blonde ;)  i'll have to update you as soon as i figure out the best way to care for my darker (processed) hair.

junior and i have been shooting a lot more now that the weather is warmer and i was just not feeling it anymore.  it was time for a change!  i was contemplating blending the dark with the light but decided to just go all around darker.  you'll see the change in my next post.  i actually called my best friend, paula and told her that i wanted to change my hair and i needed to change right now!  lol!!!  if you know paula, you would know that this is so something that she would do.  she's super impulsive (and i say that in the kindest way!  i love you, paulita linda!!), so i knew she would understand my urgent need for change.

she told me to pick up a few things and come right over!  before changing my hair, junior and i snuck into her backyard to take some pictures because we just love shooting in her yard!  i mean the light was just magical the way it was peeping through the trees.  give me all the sun, please!

and can we just talk about these sunnies?!  ugh!  they give me life!  i am so in love with them and am so lucky to have been able to snatch a pair (or two!) from the first batch of the quay x desi collection.  they sold out in 10 minutes!!  these are the "t.y.s.m." sunnies (which stands for thank you so much).  i also got "high key" in gold!!  yasssss, girl!

i can't wait to show you my new hair!!  but until then, hope you enjoy this last post of me being blonde ;)  who knows, maybe next time i'll just chop it all off.  i'm a bit extreme when it comes to my hair.

||  dress  ||  sneakers  ||  sunnies (similar)  ||  lipstick  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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