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June 21, 2016

junior and i talk about short term and long term goals constantly.  we talk about where we want his photography to go and what dreams i have for this blog.  it's always junior initiating the conversation.  he's always been that way.  pushing for better and always wanting to excel.  i used to be like ugh!  let me live in the moment.  let me just be happy where i'm at!  jeeze!  but as i'm getting older and we're both evolving, i'm kind of happy that he's always pushing us towards greatness.

we went on a hike last week, to one of our favorite spots in ramapo mountain forest and we did a lot of talking and reflecting.  we spoke mainly about how to better integrate his photography with my blog. since i am fairly new to blogging, i still feel like i'm trying to find my voice and find my aesthetic.

junior was trying to outline better ways for me to share my lifestyle with my audience.  because, this is a lifestyle blog.  and as he was talking, i couldn't help but look around, notice where we were (in the middle of the woods) and tell him, but this is our life.  my life.  this is me, living my life, hiking to the top of a mountain, changing out of my sweaty hiking clothes and into a beautiful dress to take fine art pictures for my husband.  that is part of my life and it is our lifestyle.

and so, here i am, sharing with you a part of my life that i enjoy so much.  adventuring with my husband and then capturing the beauty of it.  no, you're not seeing me out of breath, while reaching the top of the mountain.  huffing and puffing and barely able to say hello to the two girls coming down the mountain.  you're not seeing me finding a rock to sit on while i put a full face of make up on to take some shots as the sun goes down.  you're not seeing me change out of my sweaty clothes and into a beautiful dress in a bush somewhere.  all you're seeing is the beautiful images we create.  together.

because this is my life.  and i love living it.

||  white dress  ||  pink dress  ||

photographs by blissfulkaos.

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