beverly hills

March 15, 2017

we were hit with a blizzard yesterday.  what in the world is happening?!  it's the middle of march!!  i'm over here thinking that spring is around the corner especially since we had such a mild winter.  nope.  i was wrong.

i've been feeling in a bit of a creative rut and i was hoping that the weather would be warming up would inspire me a little.  and even get us out exploring again.  you know, our favorite thing to do.  i guess i have to wait a few more weeks to be able to do that.

of course being stuck inside and it being so cold out has me reminiscing of california.  why wouldn't it ;)  we took these pictures in beverly hills on a chill day of just walking around and taking in it all in.  i don't think we'll ever get over how much we loved the west coast.  we still talk about it constantly.  it was just so beautiful!!

and some spring dresses that i'm currently loving...

these crochet pieces are really speaking to me.  gold one here and pink one here.
i'm still obsessing over the cold shoulder trend.  i've actually always loved it so it really isn't a trend for me.  i just happen to be "in style" now when i wear my super old cold shoulder pieces ;)  white one here and navy blue one here.
in my last wishlist i was obsessing the skirt version of that pink floral dress.  but i think i need this dress even more!!  and since i love floral prints, i had to add this white floral dress to my list of favorites.

||  dress (similar)   ||  backpack (similar)   ||  shoes (similar)  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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