the little white dress

March 01, 2017

hello loves!

clearly i'm loving this cold shoulder trend.  nothing new for me, though.  i've always loved off the shoulder tops growing up.

fun little fact, i've always thought a woman showing her back or wearing an off the shoulder top was so much more sexy than showing cleavage.  that could most likely be because growing up i had back acne so i was always so shy wearing backless tops.  and because i have tinea versicolor on my upper arms so i hated the way my shoulders looked.  and because i have small boobs, so i could never really show cleavage ;)  funny how our perception of things and insecurities affect what we find appealing in other people.

nonetheless, here i am, still thinking backs and shoulders are so sexy and i'll show mine any day of the week ;)

unfortunately this dress is currently sold out which is a total bummer because i feel like this is the perfect LWD for every spring closet.  i've linked other off the should dresses here for your shopping convenience!

||  dress c/o makemechic  ||  booties (similar)  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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