road trip up the west coast

March 13, 2017

hello, lovelies!

today i want to share a little bit about our drive from los angeles to san fransisco and how unconventional it was ;)

if you've been following me along and all of our different trips, you would know that long distance driving for us is no big deal.  and i say us because i speak of junior and me as a unit all the time.  but if i'm being frank with you, he drives 99% of the time.  partly because i get nervous (only with him in the car) and partly because he gets even more nervous with me behind the wheel.  so it's just how it works.  he drives on our long road trips.

when we booked our trip to los angeles, we knew we wanted to journey over to san fransisco.  i mean if we were on the west coast, why not?!  we woke up early on our fifth day of vacation, packed up our bags and left our cute little air bnb on the mountain.  we put the address of our second air bnb in san fran in the gps and saw that the directions were taking us the quickest route.  junior told me that he wanted to drive up the coast to get the amazing views.  and well, the whole point of driving "up the coast" on the west coast is to see the views!!

so we chose the long way.  we added 2 extra hours to our trip.  instead of a 5 hour trip, it turned into a 7 hour trip.  we were so game!  we we headed up.  junior driving and me in charge of catching all the views and handing out the snacks.  it was raining on and off so it was a pretty cloudy day.  but nonetheless, the views were spectacular.

we stopped a few times to take some super moody pictures because that's what junior and i usually do.  we put starbucks in the gps and found the nearest starbucks for some caffeine.  i don't even remember how many other times we stopped.  we would just find signs of different sights to see and just head into the town or towards the coast just to take it all in.

we got all the way to the big sur and the pacific coast highway was closed.  now if you know the area, you know that all we could really do was turn around and double back.  there was no where to turn and follow a different road.  womp womp womp!

even though the trip didn't exactly go as planned, we had the best time in the car together.  all 10-11 hours (i can't even remember anymore).  and if we had a different mindset on life, we could have been upset.  but all we could do is laugh and keep going.

i hope to continue to encourage you all to just take each day as it comes.  don't stress about the unknown.  don't worry when things don't go as planned.  just keep moving.  enjoying a road trip that literally doubled in time is so much more fun than getting upset about it ;)

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