November 03, 2017

change sucks.  i hate change.

but it just happens and there's really nothing anyone can do about it.  i've been going through what seems like a super long season of change and i just can't seem to find my new normal.  i've been just going through the motions, waiting for everything to kind of settle and i'm finding that nothing is settling quickly.  things are constantly moving and changing and i'm just left in the dust feeling like i just can't catch up.

but i'm still moving along.  still here, above the water ;)  how do you guys deal with change in your life?

and a side note, i love this jumpsuit!  i have it in navy blue too and think i need it in every other color it comes in!  i cannot find any other jumpsuit that fits me so well and actually looks kind of flattering!  and!  these shoes!  ugh.  my new favorite!!!  i saw them in two different colors over the summer and wanted them but was trying to be good and didn't buy them.  fast forward to the beginning of fall, and i found them again but on sale!  i wish i found both the black pair and this pair in my size but i'm happy enough with these tan ones ;)  unfortunately i cannot find them online anywhere, sorry guys! i did link a similar pair down below.

||  jumpsuit c/o shein  ||  similar shoes  ||  belt  ||  lippie  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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