four years

November 06, 2017

today is junior and my four year wedding anniversary.  1,461 days of marriage (as he likes to put it).  just like last year, it feels like "wow, i can't believe it's been 4 years!" but also, "how is it only 4  years?!".

i keep typing and deleting because i really don't even know what to say today.  should i tell you how gosh darn hard these four years have been?  or should i just tell you how much i really love my husband?  should i try to put in words how it's even possible to not really like someone all the time but love them so fiercely the majority of the time?  i don't even know if i could even put that into words, so please don't make me ;)

i look back at pictures of before we got married and even of our wedding and i don't even recognize those two people.  we have changed so much in the past four years and it's really mind blowing to me.

i'm so grateful that we're still here and hope we can last a lifetime together.  i can't imagine doing life with any other human.

happy four year anniversary to us.

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