shakin and shackin

November 08, 2017

i love shake shack!

junior and i had shake shack for the first time during our one year anniversary trip to washington dc.  at the time, the only shake shack close to us was in the city and we had  never tried it.  fast forward 3 years and there is a shake shack only 10 mins away from our apartment!  yaassss!!!!

i've mentioned it before but junior and i have stopped eating red meat.  well, mostly stopped eating red meat.  he can't tolerate it and i just figure, if he's not eating it, i don't have to either.  so when we go to shake shack, we order a chicken sandwich (with cheese of course).  so, so delicious ;)

what burger joints are your favorites??

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  1. I have never been to SS, but that looks soooo good! I wonder if there are ones by me?! Time to research!

    1. oh, if there's one by you, you have to try it! we just went again last night ;)


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