December 13, 2017

i spent some time this past weekend planning out some new ideas for this space in the new year.  i think  i'm just super eager for a new year.  i know there's no need to wait for a "new year" to start anything new or try to obtain goals.  there is no time like the present.  and believe me, i am already trying to instill my goals effective immediately.  but it is fun to plan new ideas and what better time than a new year to start implementing them!

i do have some fun things planned for the new year and the reason i'm waiting until the new year is because i need some time to plan it out ;)  but i am looking forward to doing some blogger collabs in the coming year and i'm really excited about that!  

we took these pictures right before a typical date to the movies.  honestly, i can't even remember what we watched (we go to the movies so often!), but we did see the disaster artist this past weekend and it was fantastic!  i highly recommend if you're interested in following the life of a struggling actor (based on a true story).  do you guys want to hear more about the movies that we see and our thoughts about them?  we do so, so often and i feel like i don't share enough of that on here.  maybe that's something i can start doing if you are interested!  let me know ;)

||  sweater c/o charlotte russe  ||  jeans  ||  booties  ||  hat (similar)  ||  

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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