ornament exchange

December 20, 2017

this past saturday i hosted an ornament exchange brunch in my little apartment.  i was a little nervous to host a brunch because i wasn't sure what to serve!  all i knew was that i wanted mimosas ;)  i decided to have a crepe "bar" (make your own with assorted fruits, nutella and whipped cream) with scrambled eggs, bacon and sausage.  needless to say, the crepes were a big hit!  so, so delicious.  we also had some spinach and cheese crescents and blueberry muffins that my sister made and chocolate covered strawberries that my friend made.

after eating, we decided to do some crafts and make paper poinsettias.  we didn't have a template so we had to make templates and they came out a little crooked but still super cute ;)  it was so fun do do a little bit of crafts all together.  junior even put a playstation virtual reality game on and everyone had a blast taking turns playing.

i snapped a few really quick, super bad quality pictures of the day.  i was so wrapped up in hosting and having fun that i didn't put much effort into pictures.  but i still wanted to share what i had because memories!

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  1. you are the cutest host ever!! love the decor -mai


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