weekend recap

December 04, 2017

junior and i had such a great weekend!  i feel like that hasn't happened in such a long time and it was just what i needed.  we spent time with our best friends on friday night, which is always, always a good time.  seriously, go find yourself some friends that you can argue with and be yourself with, that you can be honest with and that can be honest with you, that you can cry in front of and feel vulnerable in front of and it not matter.  none of us ever feel judged by the other and we have no problem laughing at each other so hard until it turns into laughing with each other.  at this point, i don't even consider them our friends, but more like our family.  always a good time with them.

saturday we spent the day relaxing and then met up with my childhood best friend who's visiting from colombia.  again, such a great time catching up with her and her hubby.  her momma made us buñuelos and i was in heaven!  if you've never tried colombian buñuelos, i suggest you find yourself a colombian bff and get her momma to make some for you ;)

and on sunday we cleaned up the apartment a bit and just relaxed.  i did some work for the blog while we watched a documentary series on netflix about kate del castillo (remember all that drama with her, sean penn, the rolling stone and el chapo?!).  that documentary was so good!  i believe every word she said, although i do think she's a little crazy.  and i do feel so bad for her!  we also went out to shoot this look in our town and then headed back home to continue to relax, watch tv, and edit.  junior was editing pictures, and i was editing future blog posts.  i also made the most amazing dinner, junior's favorite, my pollo guisado.  i made it with a lot of love and let me tell you, you could really taste it ;)

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