5 random things

January 29, 2018

i have a little bit of writer's block today.  it happens to me a lot ;)  but that's ok!  i still wanted to share this look with you all.  important things to randomly note:

1. these are seriously my new favorite jeans!  they're by lucky brand and i got them for dirt cheap at tj maxx a little while ago.  i recently picked up a pair of black jeans from lucky at marshalls, too.  seriously my new favorite jean brand!

2. yes, i would wear these shoes out in the snow.  i've done it and have not regretted it!  i wore these shoes out to a holiday party while there was a blizzard out.  don't judge!

3. thinking about chopping my hair off!  maybe i'll do a bob cut first and then go pixie.  i don't know yet.  i haven't decided, but i know it's happening soon!

4. junior and i leave on vacation next week!  we kind of booked it last minute and so now i am freaking out because i have nothing ready.  i need outfits and i need to get everything at work in order and i need to start scheduling posts for when i'm gone and i need to plan out when i'll be posting while on vacation and i need to come up with an idea of the types of post i want to do while i'm away and i decided i need to get my nails done even though i never do my nails but why not and do you think this sentence is a long enough run on sentence yet because i can totally list a thousand more things i need to do before vacation like that mountain of laundry that's waiting for me in my room.  *phew, takes deep breathe*

5. and lastly, i'm hanging out with my girlie, katie tonight and i'm looking forward to it.  girl time is always good for my soul so that pile of laundry can wait, you feels me?!  ;)

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