ready for february

January 31, 2018

tomorrow is february and i just have to put down in words how i've felt this past month.

i made it a goal to really put forth an effort into blogging.  since i've started blogging, i know deep in my heart that i was not putting forth an honest effort into this space.  i was basically half-assing all my posts and my content.  i made it a goal to post three times a week.   and while i wasn't super strict with myself and my content calendar, i am proud of all the content that i did put out this past month.

this month i have had 3 paid campaigns, am continuing to partner with brands that i have already worked with in the past and am partnering up with new brands.  2018 is already looking promising and i really want to keep this momentum going.

it feels good to have small goals and to celebrate each and every small victory.  i feel happy!  i feel accomplished!  i'm looking forward to the rest of this year and really can't believe tomorrow is february already!

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