happy 30th birthday husband

February 11, 2018

today on junior's 30th birthday, we are in his favorite city.  i feel so proud that we were able to pull this trip off, with only two weeks of planing and spending less than $1,800 for our travel and lodge! 

i suggested a trip for his 30th birthday and the first trip i wanted to surprise him with didn't really work out.  so we bounced ideas around for several months about what kind of trip we would take (road trip across country?  a few different states?  a tropical vacation?  europe?) and ended up not deciding anything.  so about two weeks ago i told junior either we were going somewhere together or i was going without him.  so after he said "ok, bye!", we got to planning.  

and somehow or another, here we are!  in los angeles on junior's 30th birthday!

keep on dreaming.  keep on pushing.  here's to
the next 30 years and all the adventures, big and small
in between.

go show the birthday boy some love!! 

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