how i pack for a trip

February 10, 2018

today i wants to share with you all how i pack for vacation.  i've always used this method of packing and it works so well for me!  i figured i should share the knowledge because i know i love hearing how different people do different things.

i like to write down all my outfits on a piece of paper.  if i'm preparing for an upcoming trip, i'll start to get inspiration of outfits on instagram or pinterest and then write down what i think i have that can create a similar outfit.  then i'll go into my closet and put it all together.  sometimes i'll switch things like in these pictures, i wrote down that i would bring my vans and wear it with my grey pants and black widow shirt.  but i ended up deciding not to bring my black vans with me so i switched it for my converse while i was actually packing.

having my list of outfits prior to actually packing cut my packing time down in half since i already had an idea of what i want to wear.  if something looked cuter in my head but doesn't really go, it's easy to have an idea and switch it up than to just start from scratch.

while i'm coming up with different outfits, i keep our itinerary in mind.  so if your going on a hike bring your workout clothes.  is there a beach nearby?  pack a few bathing suits.  i also have two different shoe options for each outfit, a casual or a dressier.  i also like to make sure i can use my pants and jeans with multiple different looks.  i usually pack two outfits per day and then throw in a bunch of extras. extra basic tops that match with multiple pants, extra dresses for just in case, and then photoshoot clothes.

for makeup and toiletries, i like to pack as i'm getting ready the morning i'm leaving.  as i use an item, i'll pack it away.  so i start my day with a shower and brushing my teeth.  after my shower, i'll immediately pack away soap, shampoo, lotion, toothpaste/brush, deodorant, etc.  as i'm doing my make up, i'll moisturize my face and then pack my moisturizer.  and so on and so on.  this way, i make sure i don't forget any necessity.  once i'm done with all of that, i'll pack the extras.  so for example, i don't wear eyeshadow every day.  so i'm not using it then packing it.  so for this i'll just rely on my memory and hope i pack it.  but if i don't, it's not the end of the world!

hope this helps you all pack more efficiently!  using this method, i hardly ever overpack and never feel like i'm missing anything.  let me know if you have any questions and i'll be sure to answer them!!

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