autum tones and floral booties

November 12, 2018

a few things of note...
  1. i did my makeup very different for these pictures.  i've been playing with eye shadow lately and i'm still deciding how i like it.  it's so weird to see me without a winged liner or smoked out eyelash line.  
  2. i'm living for white pants in the fall.  who ever invented that rule no white after labor day?  
  3. these booties were $16.99 at burlington and can you believe i debated not getting them?!  i can't even believe that myself!  how could i ever leave them behind!  true story, i ordered a similar pair on amazon in my size but when they came in, they were way too big on me.  so i gave them to my mom.  i was so jealous every time i saw her wearing them.  but then the universe was all like nahh i gotchu! and i found these!  thank you, universe! (similar here and here )  
  4. i have about three sweaters similar to this one that i'm wearing.  what can i say, i like what i like!  give me all the autumn toned sweaters.  please and thank you.  use my code ohsheslovely20 for 20% off your purchase on shein.  don't sleep on them!  affordable clothes and decent quality.  no worse than zara and a fraction of the cost!  
  5. junior and i went to see the comedian joey diaz last friday.  we had the late show and waited around with the hopes of getting a picture with uncle joey.  and guess what?!  we got a picture with uncle joey!!  i gave him a big hug and he told me i was beautiful ;)  

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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