how to be prepared for last minute guests

November 19, 2018

have you ever been in a situation where you had last minute company and didn't know what to offer them? i don't know if it's because of my culture or it's just proper etiquette all around, but i was raised to always have something to offer guests when they come over.

one thing that i found to be so easy to whip up (and look like the hostess with the mostest) when company comes over unexpectedly is a little cheese platter. most of the ingredients for a simple cheese platter are ingredients that you can always keep on hand in your refrigerator and pantry, making it super easy to put together a bougie cheese plate for your last minute guest!

my girlfriend stopped by the other day unexpectedly and i was able to whip up this spread in literally 10 minutes. i took a wedge of my favorite Parmigiano Reggiano and placed it on my marble cheese board. then i added a jar of honey, some pasta de guayaba (guava paste...every respectable puerto rican has guava paste in their fridge!), some nuts, some crackers (i currently had garlic roasted pita chips), and whatever fruit you have on hand (which i had grapes). pair it with some wine and you'll have yourself the perfect impromptu wine and cheese girl's night!

i absolutely love cheese and literally always have some on hand. because of the long aging process, Parmigiano Reggiano is naturally lactose-free which is a plus for our household. junior is lactose intolerant so having lactose-free options on hand is necessary. it also is easily digestible and the perfect source of both protein and calcium. you can read more about that here.

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