5 random things: fashion edition

October 30, 2019

 1.  i originally planned to wear a completely different outfit for this look, this black top with a pleated pink midi skirt, but left the skirt at home!!  to save time and not have to shoot this look on a different day, i decided to pair this top with these jeans that i had in the car and all the original accessories.  anyone want to see this look styled with the pink skirt i originally planned to wear?

|| top c/o shein.com  ||  use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
2.  i styled this look and decided i was going to caption it "50 shades of gray".  while we were location scouting, we found this location (which is a court house, by the way) and decided it was perfect for this look.  as we walked back to the car, i told junior "now this is really a 50 shades of gray post!" talk about an outfit/location match made in blogger heaven!

|| sweater c/o shein.com  ||  use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
3.  these docs are wayyyyyyyy too big on me.  i'm talking like a whole size and a half bigger.  i bought them last year because i was obsessed with getting a pair and rocked them last year with two pairs of socks.  i keep debating getting rid of them, donating or give to someone i know.  but also, they cost a pretty penny and are basically brand new so should i sell them?  but, honestly i know i'm not going to sell them so here we are!

|| dress c/o shein.com  ||  use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
4.  i also left this skirt at home when we went out to shoot these looks.  so we had to shoot this look a completely different day.  on a week day, where the sun goes down pretty early.  after junior and i both got home from our full time jobs.  i was super frustrated with myself!  also, i tried steaming this skirt and ironing it with a t-shirt between the iron and the skirt but the wrinkles didn't come out.  so i just left it and accepted the fact that i don't know how to iron and i'm just always going to look disheveled.  see another ironing disaster here.

|| sweater and skirt c/o shein.com  ||  use code Q3ohshe for 15% off
5.  i'm pretty sure i already have this sweater.  i do this thing where i order the same things over and over again.  sometimes it's the same pattern of something but a different style.  other times it the same item in every color.  and the worst times is when i just repurchase the same exact item.  what can i say, i like what i like.  actually, see this post i just found wearing the same exact sweater.  oh, and i also talk about how i repurchase the same items over and over again.  some things just don't change!!

||  sweater c/o shein.com  || use code Q3ohshe for 15% off

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photographs by blissfulkaos

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