at the beach in ponce

January 18, 2016

hello, hello!

we got back home last monday and i'm just feeling like i need to reevaluate my life so that i can be on a constant vacation.  15 days was just not enough ;)

i'm so missing the caribbean sun right now but i'll just have to relive the past two weeks through pictures.

we spent a lot of time in ponce since it is the town next to where we were staying.  junior loves going to la guancha, which is pretty much a boardwalk with different spots to grab a bite to each and a drink.  we explored the beach area one day (which i had never been to during the day time) and took the opportunity to take some pictures.  it's so crazy to me that no one really goes swimming at this beach.  junior, being a local and all, says that the water here isn't so nice.  it could be because the locals are used to white sand beaches and crystal clear water so this is considered "not so nice".  to us jersey gals, this is paradise!!

ps- bikini is super old from target, black dress is from h&m

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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