that beach life

January 22, 2016

junior is not the "let's lay on the beach and do nothing" type.  he doesn't like being out in the sun and he certainly doesn't like to just relax and do nothing.  that was hard for me to adjust to.  being from somewhere where it's warm for such a short amount of time, when summer comes, all i want to do it find a beach (a lawn or rooftop will do!) and just bask in the sun.  give me all the vitamin d please!!  but not him.  he's more the surfer type.  he likes to be out in the water, catching some waves.  so it was a very special day when he took me to the beach to just lay out (under a palm tree, of course) while doing nothing!!!!

we drove back to cabo rojo (the same town we found the cotton candy water) and went to the boqueron area.  fun fact- this was actually one of the first beaches junior took me to back in the day ;)  we found a nice spot under the palm tree and just laid out while listening to music and drinking beers.  it was so nice to slow down and just be, which is something we rarely do!  we are always on the go, go, go.  it's funny because this entire trip was so relaxed.  we did things at our leisure and never felt rushed or obligated to do anything specific.

once the sun started setting, we grabbed all of our stuff and just walked along the beach.  we stopped at a little bar and enjoyed some more beers and watched the sun set.  as we headed back to the car, we walked through the little town area and stopped for some pinchos (skewers).  you can seriously find pinchos throughout the entire island, even while driving on the side of a random road!  there's no way to starve on this island!!  we both got bar b que chicken pinchos.  either we were both starving, or those were honestly the best pinchos we ever had!!

outfit details: bikini from roxy, tank top is old from target and the skirt is thrifted from the goodwill (but h&m brand).  bikini linked below along with similar tank tops and skirt ;)

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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