sunflower fields forever

January 26, 2016

hello friends!  back again with more puerto rico posts!!  are you sick of them yet?  too bad, bc i have so many more to share!!!

i got so super excited when i realized puerto rico has a few sunflower farms!  there's actually one here in jersey that's opened for such a short period of time but we didn't get a chance to visit it last summer (i'm going to make it my life mission to get there this summer!!)

lucky for us, one of the farms is on the south end of the island in guanica (close to where we were staying), called finca el girasol so it was just a short drive away.  my poor husband and all the driving he does when we visit puerto rico!!  i was a little worried as we were driving to the farm because i read reviews online that sometimes the workers close the farm early or don't even open it to the public at all.  we headed over anyway and to our surprise, it was open!!  hooray!

we walked in and walked to where all the sunflowers were.  we were a little disappointed to find that there were only new blooms and that most of the tall sunflowers were already dead.  i guess it would have been a good idea to find out when sunflower season is in puerto rico, but i didn't think of that.  womp womp.  we spent a good hour and a half roaming around anyway, looking for the most perfectly boomed sunflowers to photograph.

when we finally decided we were both tired and hot and dirty (at least i was...thank you husband for asking me to lay on the dirt), we looked around and the entire farm was empty!  it was only 3:50 and the attendants were waiting on us to get the heck out of there so they can go home for the day (ps-they were supposed to cloase at 5:00 lol).

outfit details: red dress is free people brand from tj maxx, sandals are bcbg and sunnies are ray ban.  shop similar below ;)

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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