cotton candy water and some gorgeous views

January 05, 2016

hello again from puerto rico, la isla del encanto ;)

we are still here until next monday.  today we are headed to the north end of the island to go hiking in el yunque (fingers crossed!!!!) and then we are staying in el conquistador resort in fajardo for a few days.  i'm super, super excited because el conquistador has access to it's own private island, palomino island.  when we booked this trip months ago, we only had a few intentions...visit a few of our favorite spots, explore new places and visit another island.  let's see where this next week takes us!!

since i have some free time, i figured i could log on and share our first adventure from last week.  exploring this island is one of my favorite things to do.  each time we come to visit, we find new hidden gems that we didn't know about.  it's truly is an enchanted island!!  one of the first adventures we went on during this trip was to cabo rojo.  we've been there a bunch of times (junior even worked in town when he lived here) but we've never stumbled upon las salinas de cabo rojo (the salt flats of cabo rojo).  apparently the water is super salty in cabo rojo and the indigenous people have been mining salt in this area for a very long time.

as we were headed to the lighthouse, a place we frequent each time we come (those views are just breathtaking!), we saw the pink water and just had to pull over and check it out.  it was like being in a fairytale land with pink water and "crystals" everywhere.  too bad the water is salty and not sweet like real cotton candy water would be ;)

after we left the salt flats, we continued on to the lighthouse.  the beach near the lighthouse was super packed and they weren't letting cars through.  we had to walk roughly 2 miles to reach the lighthouse.  that was ok with us because we used the opportunity to take pictures of our surroundings.  it truly was a beautiful day!!

next up, a trip to the beach in ponce, pr!!

(ps- my dress is roxy brand)

photography by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. love the dress! and i need to go to these places! -Mai

    1. thank you!! ugh, this island is seriously the best! so many hidden gems <3


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