inspired vol 3: botanical coasters

March 21, 2016

happy spring, everyone!!

i found this tuturial on pinterest last year and just fell in love.  i knew immediately that i had to recreate it!  i had thoughts of making these botanical wood coasters for all of my friends and then i brought my head back down from the clouds.   i got a little ahead of myself.  i mean, it has taken me a least a year just to make a set for myself!!

at first i truly thought this little project was going to be way too much for me to handle.  but then i remembered what husband always says, what one man can do another can do.  so i collected all my supplies and went to town.  the process was way easier than it looks and i totally feel like i can make a set for everyone i know ;)

first i had to collect the wood slices.  this may seem easier then i'm making it sound.  collect wood slices?  can't you just go to the craft store and buy them?  yes, your're absolutely right.  but!  my local hobby lobby and michaels did not have much to choose from.  it was very hard to find wood slices that were roughly the same size.  once i had all my slices, i then had to find what images i wanted to print out on the wood.  i tried to get all creative and then realized i loved the botanical prints the best.  so that's what i stuck with ;)  the rest of the supplies were all things that i had on hand (wax paper, a credit card to help transfer the image, a printer, printer paper, scissors and tape).

i really love the way they came out and am excited to use them during these warmer months to add just a touch more of the outdoors into my home!  if you want to find step-by-step instructions on how to make these coasters, please check it out here!

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  1. Holy Hell these look straight out of Anthropologie, only better. They'd make the best gifts come winter! Love 'em.


    1. thank you so much!! i'm so in love with how they turned out!!


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