spring dresses

March 14, 2016

with spring officially being only 5 days away, i can't help but dream of all the dresses i want to add to my growing collection!  i'm pretty sure junior hates most of my dresses because they are all full of colors and flowers.  he's a little bit more on the basic side when it comes to clothes.  i really just can't help myself! i love a good statement piece ;)

i got this dress for our recent trip to puerto rico and immediately fell in love with it.  it is so light weight and airy.  it was absolutely perfect for a day out shopping and exploring the town of ponce.  unfortunately it is sold out now but i did link of few of my favorites below for your shopping pleasure ;)

i can't wait to wear this dress again.  i have a feeling it's going to be on repeat this spring!  i've been looking for similar dresses online lately because one just cannot have enough dresses!  whenever i'm online "window" shopping (you know, when you add a million things to your cart, see the total, laugh and then "x" out of the browser...) i'm always choosing flowy dresses with flower patterns.  creature of habit over here.  i actually just picked a new one up from h&m this recently and i'm so excited to wear it!!

what are some items that are on your wishlist this season?  shop a few of my favorites below.

photos by blissfulkaos in ponce, pr.   

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  1. Theses photos are so gorgeous!! I love this dress!

    xo Lauren

  2. You look stunning in that dress! I love the warm colors and floral pattern. Also, you can never have too many dresses. They are definitely my go-to pieces in Spring and Summer because they make getting dressed so much more easy.

    Sweet Helen Grace

    1. thank you so much!! dresses are my absolute favorite to wear.


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