park days

March 16, 2016

spring feels like it has arrived and i am just loving it.  i want to be outside all the time and i can't wait until the trees start to get green and the flowers start to bloom.  we went to a park in our town which is quickly becoming our absolute favorite park to go to.  we discovered it this past fall and i'm super excited to see how it looks in full bloom.  it's a short drive from our apartment so i'm pretty sure it's going to be our go-to spot this spring/summer.  this time we went during golden hour, which the light beaming through the trees looks so heavenly!

we spent a couple hours at the park and then headed home to have dinner.  husband cooked chicharones de pollo (small pieces of fried chicken) and tostones (twice fried plantains).  such a typical puerto rican dish and it was so, so good!  then we watched the walking dead, because it was a sunday and that's what we do on sundays ;)

slip under the dress
booties (similar here and here)

photographs by blissfulkaos.  

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  1. I love this dress! It looks so comfortable and is super flattering at the same time! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

    1. thank you!! it's so awesome and super affordable ;)

  2. Loved this, you looks gorgeous! xx

  3. you slayyyyy meeeee - mai


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