feel the music

May 05, 2017

this is my last look from my cr it girl shopping spree (looks one and two if you missed it).  if i'm being honest, my sister chose this outfit for me and i love it.  it's totally festival season inspired which speaks to me.

i love music.  and not just for the words.  i love the rhythm, too. i love closing my eyes and feeling the music.

last night junior and i went to another robi draco concert.  it was more of a narrative where he would explain why he wrote a song, how he wrote a song or why a specific song meant something to him.  i was so moved by listening to him and having a "why" behind each song that he sang.  it was like "wow, you're human just like me!".  and as i stood there and swayed to the music, i just felt it.  and that was everything to me!  probably more deep than anything i would experience at a music festival ;) but this "festival" inspired outfit sparked something in me to talk about music.

oh, and some random comments about the outfit...i'm wearing the top backwards!  the opening was supposed to be in the front but i'm all about the back details so i just turned it around and called it a day ;)  and i'm on a mission to find the perfect shorts.  my cheekies always sneak out of my shorts as i'm walking so it's hard for me to find shorts that fit.  when i tried these on in the store i was like yass!  shorts that fit my ass and my waist!  but!  as i was prancing around in the park, my cheeks were peeking out!  i guess these are my new beach shorts ;)  and the hunt continues!  i've added a few at the bottom of this post that look like they might work for me.  any of you have that issue?

||  top c/o charlotte russe ||  shorts c/o charlotte russe  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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