lazy outfit

May 08, 2017

i love pairing dresses with sneakers!  its honestly always the easiest outfit for me to come up with.  just one article of clothing and casual shoes that don't necessarily have to match.  a win, win in my book!

i know i've mentioned it before but i always have such a hard time picking out an outfit to wear.  for every occasion.  every day.  all.  the.  time.  my husband thinks i'm annoying and just doesn't understand me.  he usually ignores me.  my sister used to deal with me every day when i lived at home and now when ever she's over and i'm getting dressed she just dismisses me.  "yea, whatever.  that looks fine!"

i don't know why it's a constant struggle for me to put an outfit together!  that's why i love easy outfits, like dresses ;)  i actually shared a meme recently on my IG story that said "when you wear a dress because you're too lazy to match two items of clothing".  that it my life!!!  any one else or am i the only one?  it's getting warmer over here so dress season has begun!!  (now to keep my legs shaved and moisturized is another story...)

and some casual dresses that i'm loving to pair with sneakers...

||  dress  ||  sneakers  ||  lippie  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. Dresses have become my new go to! So much easier than picking two pieces of clothing lol!!


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