nothing to talk about

May 10, 2017

i'm finding myself with less and less to write about lately.  maybe i feel at a standstill.  i'm still out and about, wearing lovely outfits that i still want to share.  but the words just escape me.  what should i say today?  i don't feel like anything exciting is going on in my life so i feel like i have nothing to talk about anymore.  i guess that happens.  and maybe that's not a bad thing?

if you're reading this, thank you for continuing to follow along.  even when i have nothing to say.  i love dressing up, going out with my hunny and sharing it here with you.  i still feel silly for doing what i do.  i feel even more silly when people ask me about it.  or people who don't know that blogging is a thing take me for some superficial girl because i'm photographed so much.  "the most photographed wife in the world".  a relative said that to me a few weeks ago. i wanted to explain what it is that i do.  and why i'm photographed so much.  but it felt pointless.

no my husband isn't obsessed with me.  no i'm not superficial.  the opposite, in fact.  actually if you knew me, you would be so surprised to know how much anxiety i get over talking with people!  i guess that's why i love blogging...because i don't really have to talk to anyone (until i go to an event or someone that reads my blog asks me about it...cue the anxiety!)

i guess this post about not having much to say turned into me having a lot to say ;)  i should do this more often...just speak from the heart.  let my fingers do the talking and not over analyze what i'm going to write about.

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