a floral golden hour

June 16, 2017

i received this floral shirt from newchic and i love it so much.  i can be a bit skeptical about wearing wrap skirts because with any gust of wind it can open up and reveal all my goodies.  but that's nothing a little safety pin can't fix ;)  and how perfect would this skirt be at the beach with a plain bathing suit?  i'm going away for a long weekend in august with some girlfriends and i'm definitely taking this skirt with me!  i have a new solid pale pink bikini from h&m that would look super cute with this skirt.

||  skirt c/o newchic  ||  tank top  ||

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photographs by blissfulkaos  

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  1. This floral skirt looks awesome on you!! I would be scared about a sudden gust, too, lolol! But you totally rock it. I need to get out for some photography at the golden hour!! I will have to research when that time is in my neck of the woods because your lighting is truly beautiful!

    1. thank you so much!! i can't wait to see what pictures you come up with! golden hour is so magical! xoxo


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